Scott Allan Mathews

For more than three decades, Scott Allan Mathews has distinguished himself as a truly prolific songwriter and producer. Since 1984, Scott has produced and recorded more than 200 albums and composed jingles, movie scores and television show opens. His work has been heard on networks including The Family Channel, ESPN, TBN, and TNT.

Throughout his career, Scott has also pursued opportunities to celebrate his relationship with Christ — and to share it with others. In 2011, he released “Bring Me Back In,” an album that marked his transition from producer to performing artist. “Bring Me Back In” showcases Scott’s rare songwriting and production abilities, instrumental artistry (he plays every instrument on the album except the cello and live brass) and engineering prowess. Deeply personal, “Bring Me Back In” is an exciting testimony to Scott’s lifelong faith. No longer behind the scenes, he now shares his music—and his testimony—with churches across the country.